Livro no Manyeyes

Uma experiência/montagem no manyeyes com a palavra digital, em suas ocorrências no livro CulturaDigital.BR…

wm copy


Author: metaimagem

I work with research, production and documentation of digital content. I have experience in education technology, media production and other language needs. I can use anthropology, communications and linguistics to analyze symbolic patterns and synthesize it in technology creations and conceptual uses. I believe in work efficiency oriented by facts and based on values. I discovered myself as a hybrid of documentation manager & ethnographer by working in recent positions I had. That´s why I choose to go a bit deeper in linguistics, and have analytic tools for understand meaning... As I have been organizing and managing analogical and digital content, I stumbled up in many ethnographic tasks. In different occasions, I had to do fieldwork at several types of archives, besides investigating people´s responsibilities with the content and documentation. It takes a few steps to realize that ethnographic work has to do with the digital space (the field) we live now. The traditional role of information architecture, as a science, is more a formal one that can get the data structured but it can´t get the people behind this data…and there is a matter of social sciences to know both. Since then I have the attitude to assume I still an anthropologist, but with the will to deal with a human language need.

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